Eat this fruit every day. Constipation disappears forever.

Constipation is such a problem that we all have to face at some time or the other in life, but if I tell you that there is a fruit available in the grocery shop near you which can give you relief from chronic constipation very easily. How would you feel if it can get rid of diabetes? I am afraid, you would definitely like to try this fruit.

So today I am going to talk to you about a magical fruit which if you use it for 7 days, will clean the oldest dirt accumulated in your intestines and this will prevent your constipation problem from recurring.

So let’s start and know the complete details about this amazing fruit. Friends, constipation is a common thing, impact is a little more common. There are many factors responsible for causing it. Like what we eat in our diet, how physically active we are and how much stress we are under.

Apart from this, there are many other factors which are responsible but there are some people in whom there is no difference, the only factor is that their luck is bad. I have seen many people who eat something wrong. People who drink or are not very lethargic have problems.

So because of that, there is a pain in the stomach. So because of that, it affects your entire body. The energy in the body gets reduced, you feel a little scared and sometimes even there is a pain in the stomach. I know that. Many of you have tried many things to get rid of constipation and many of you have also kept many liters of water.

You have taken medicine and even given up many of your favorite foods but still there is no benefit if you are one of those people who have tried everything till now. But despite that, your constipation is not going away, then try the fruit that I am going to tell you today, it will definitely benefit you.

So friends, the name of the fruit about which I am talking today, I am telling you with such exaggeration, is Prune i.e. dried plums. You might be wondering what benefit this small thing will give me. I have toyed with everything. But I would like to tell you that this is not an ordinary fruit, Aloo Bukhara is a magical fruit which any person from 5 years to 100 years can eat and get the maximum benefit from it.

Let’s talk about knowing the benefits of these miraculous fruits of Prune and understand how scientifically they benefit us. First of all, let’s talk about fiber. You must have often heard from friends that to improve your digestion, you should eat more of it. Fiber should be eaten in more quantity than the fiber which is there, it creates bulk inside our stomach.

And it works like a broom so that the dirt stuck inside our intestines gets easily removed and the intestines get cleaned. Plums contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. It is rich in It is found in large quantities and that is why it is so effective in cleaning your intestines.

And the second thing you find in plums is a compound called Sorbitol. Sorbitol is a natural sugar alcohol which when it goes inside the intestines, it starts drawing water from there, that is, water starts coming inside your intestines from the surrounding tissues, due to which the dry and old stool becomes loose. It becomes soft in the intestines and starts coming out easily.

A report was published in a journal named Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics in 2011 in which it was told that plums are more effective in relieving constipation and you get even more effects than that. Apart from this, plums also contain many vitamins and minerals which help in improving our overall health and at the same time it contains antioxidants which also help in protecting our body from free radical damage.

Friends, plums are so beneficial for you that today I want to give you a challenge of 7 days in which I want that if you have chronic constipation and you have tried everything then now only for 7 days. Start eating plums and after 7 days you will see that you have got 100% relief from constipation.

What you have to do now is that you have to eat 3 to 5 dried plums, then when should you eat them? If you want, you can eat it in the afternoon or in the morning and you can also eat it at night, whenever you feel like it, and now what you have to do for this is to make you cry only from 3 to 5. Have to eat dried plums.

If you have eaten for two-three days then what can you do, you can take it for 8 to 10 days but keep in mind that you should not eat more than 50 grams in a day. Our aim is to remove constipation from your stomach easily. Keep this in mind that you should not eat too much as it is a fruit. If you eat too much then your stomach may get upset. So the quantity should not be more than 50 grams. have to increase

If we talk about how to eat it, there are many ways to eat it. It is a tasty fruit. If you want, you can eat it as is or you can use it by making juice.

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